Tom Mots (french for words)

Last night we babysat (Rob, Elwyn and I) Tom and Thea so that Tristan and Blaine could have some well-earned “quiet” time in town, finishing their Christmas shopping and having a nice dinner together. Thea was her usual dear self, but Tom was pushing the envelope, perhaps for Elwyn’s sake?

At the park that afternoon he wanted to go off by himself. As there were a number of older boys we weren’t too keen on that idea, so I just trailed around after him to keep an eye on him. One bigger boy approached Tom with aggression in his eyes. I watched. He must have sensed something because he turned back towards me and asked “Are you his mother?” “No,” I replied in a very firm voice, looking him straight in the eyes, “I’m his Grandma.” He backed off!

At dinner, Tom made much more mess on the floor than usual. Elwyn took the picture of him and I discussing how he was going to get the floor below his chair spick and span after he’d finished his dinner. Before he agreed to clean it up, he asked if I had had to do that when I was 4!

When getting ready for bed (after he’d cleaned up the floor), Elwyn was attempting to get Tom to go to the toilet, and Tom was ramping up his arguments why he should use the toilet on the other side of the house instead of the one next to him. His final argument was “But Elwyn, I LOVE the other toilet!” Elwyn and I were very controlled in our laughter, but he did go to the toilet next to him!

Elwyn was quite tired by the time he finally settled.

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