Golf Buggies are FUN!

Today we made the most of Elwyn’s last few days and celebrated the first day of 2010 on the golf course! Yesterday Rob and Elwyn carefully hauled the spider-web laden golf club sets out of the back shed. They hadn’t seen the light of day since Elwyn was last here about 20 months ago.

This morning Rob, Elwyn and I met Tristan at the golf course. We hired 2 golf buggies – I drove Rob and Elwyn drove Tristan. These things are so much fun – I can’t wait to get old and have  my own gopher!!

I trailed around after the 3 of them as they played the first few holes. The highlight for me was finding a rainbow bee-eaters nest by one of the fairways, dug into the sandy bank! Joy when a bird flew out of it!!

When Blaine and kiddliwinks arrived I drove my buggy back to the entrance to meet them – what fun!

After that they both helped me to drive the buggy. They were OK with help on the wheel but when Tom “lead foot” tried to use the accelerator we went flying! So that was immediately banned and he was only allowed to steer.

It was a great way to spend a morning together, and Rob won (see one of his winning shots in the pics)!

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