A Spider’s Journey

This might look like an ordinary black house spider, but she has just been on an incredible journey!

Some weeks ago she fell down from the ceiling window where she had made her web, and I spied her wandering around the floor of our bathroom. She had fallen from the ceiling, down by the shower screen, onto the floor by the toilet. Then over some days she made her way across the floor to attempt to make a web under the left-hand side of the cupboard, incorporating the bathroom scales. Her web, so painstakingly constructed, was continuously broken when we opened the cupboard or moved the scales.

Then a miracle happened. This morning, when I got into the shower cubicle to have my shower, there she was on the rim of the ceiling window! Somehow she’d found her way right across the bathroom to the ceiling window where she’d been born!

By the time I’d finished my shower she had nestled into her spot and begun spinning a new web. Hopefully this time she’ll get it right and the web will be a safe home for her:-)

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