Good morning New Zealand

As I lay snuggled in bed, not yet wanting to get up, the soft, cool air that is New Zealand touched my skin. It was good to be back.

We’d left Perth last Sunday, after putting Mum in hospital. She was tired and scared, and for once glad to be there! Tristan and the kiddliwinks took us to the airport, and as always it was good to share the occasion with their young enthusiasm:-)

We flew to Sydney and spent the night there, so we could catch up with my cousin Lindesay and exchange our uncle’s and his name-sake’s diaries which Blaine had scanned for Uncle Lindesay’s war-time log-book – he was a bomber pilot in WWII, and was killed in June 1944. We will scan that too.

Had dinner with Rob’s brother Dick and wife Sue. It was good to exchange stories of what had been happening in our and our children’s lives, and for Rob and Dick to remember stories of their parents. But we had no sleep. Sydney is so alien to our usual nature-connected environment that we could not settle.

So yesterday’s travels from Sydney to Auckland, then Auckland to KeriKeri, were fraught.

However, the last flight in a very small plane was a gift: it was an hour before sunset and we flew between layers of clouds and revelled in the golden sun kissing the clouds above and below us, and the surface of the Tasman Sea to the west:-) See the photo!

And we slept like babes with the soft, cool New Zealand air caressing our faces:-)

Yes, it’s good to be back.

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