Back in Action

Yesterday Rob and I dragged ourselves from our sick beds to start cleaning up the leaves in the back yard. The storm had cleared a lot of the leaves out of our trees and washed them to the ground. So we had a HUGE leaf drift in the back yard. And we took down the broken shade cloth, sadly just renewed a few months ago.

As we worked, we heard calling:

crows, magpies, magpie larks, butcher birds, the lone black cockatoo, the black cockatoo group, the lone cockatoo joining the group (yay!), several “28” cockatoos, rainbow lorikeets, doves, kookaburras.

And later, as we sat in the family room enjoying our end-of-day drinks, the flock of silver-eyes that comes through our yard each evening at dusk was back!

There are definitely less of each bird species, but all the species are here once more.

Thank heavens:-)

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