Magic and more magic

Today Rob and I drove back home after spending 2 nights in an apartment in Smith’s Beach (near Yallingup). With what’s been going on lately, it was a grand idea of Rob’s. Of course his camera came and he caught this amazing photo of the sea at Wyadup. I photographed him getting his feet wet while he took it:-)

But we also shared space with dolphins (cruising the bay below our balcony), ospreys, gulls, terns, black cockatoos with their poignant, heart-lifting calls (not only did we hear and see a big flock of white-tailed ones in the gardens of Caves House, but we also heard and saw an endangered red-tailed one near Bunbury). And we spent lots of time on the coast, enjoying the swells breaking on the shore.

It was good – so much magic and we both felt much better by the time we left to drive home. A pod of dolphins even appeared in the bay as we stood and said farewell to the place from the balcony:-)

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