A Brave Little Mother

Another strange thing happened at our rental house today.

I was reading to Thea in her and Tom’s bedroom, and we heard a tiny cat voice meowing. Blaine thought it sounded like a very young kitten. After much searching we tracked it down to underneath the house, but we could not fit in to rescue it. I rang a number of organisations including the RSPCA but no-one was interested. So sadly we agreed that we would have to let nature take her course.

Later that day, as I sat working at my desk after Blaine and Thea had left, I spied the pretty little cat which often trots around our yard, and she was carrying a meowing kitten in her mouth! Transfixed, I watched her carry the little bundle to the back of the garage, then up the wall and into the roof space where she has lived until she gave birth to her litter!

How amazing! Although we leave this house on the 26th, I’ve been leaving little pieces of meat out for her each night. At least that’s some nights she won’t have to hunt for food.

What a brave little mother!

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