From Tassie

Email to our family:

It’s a strange thing, but something has been nagging at me for some time now. As Dad and I rest here, on a nice boat with nice people, and I have no contact with my mother, there is space to try and hear what this is…

It feels like some space is needed for me. We’ve had some really good times  together as a family this past while, and I’ve really treasured them. I always enjoy your company and I love you all, including Tom and Thea, for being the beautiful, gifted and kind people you are:-)

However now that I have space from Granny, and Dad is getting tireder, I have to focus more on my own work – writing and business building. Certainly some good stuff has come into my mind these past few days which has enabled me to put some good writing time into the Time Leadership book which will be released in February. It’s had a major block for months, but after yet another waking night at Fi’s Tunapi it has crystallised really well. I’ve sent it off today to Jo for initial editing, and am now trying to work out what my weird dreams last night were all about – somehow they relate to the partly written book about Grandy. I’m tackling that once my MacBook is recharged!

Anyway I just wanted to say “Thanks ever so much for the journey so far!” Who know where it’s going next!

Three days later, when I felt ready to return to being fully present for the world again, I could see and feel my role as a writer. I could also see the way forward to earn money to pay the basic bills if I had to, and it didn’t involve much more than I do now! Somehow, giving myself that space, I had given myself permission to work out “Who I am” and “What I’m here to do” at this moment in time:-)

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