The path to healing

If you look closely, you can see the black and white-tailed cockatoo feeding on the seeds at the top of the branch of the tamarisk tree in our back yard.

It is early afternoon on a late autumn day, and I heard this bird and all of its fellow travellers calling as they fed in the tamarisk and gum trees that we have tended in our garden for many years now.

I am in the 5th day of recovery after my tonsillectomy, and the pain is starting to ease, thank heavens. I am being quiet in our family room which looks out on the back yard, the trees and all the birds that visit here. The black cockatoo calls roused me from my reading. I don’t know what it is about their calls, but (as with calls of migrating geese and ducks and other birds) the sound tugs at something in my belly. So I dropped whatever it was that I was reading and raced outside to see them. And caught this one in a photo.

I came back inside after they’d left, feeling better somehow.

I will be in this room a lot over the next 6 months, while I recover from both my forthcoming knee replacement surgeries. But now I realise that wherever I am the path to my healing is always there – just connect with the natural world around me!

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