shapeimage_2This morning Rob and I took a long (2 hours) walk/gofer outing from home right round to the front of Kings Park. The wildflowers are all out now, as is the photo display of significant trees round Kings Park. So we went slowly to enjoy it and Rob of course had his trusty camera which kept him busy.

And there was one osprey on the nest. Itโ€™s mate must have gone AWOL or died, which is very sad. They did good work for quite a lot of years, making and bringing up babies in this nest.

We finished off with breakfast at Zamia, and of course Rob had to photograph the baby duckerlings in the lake – see pic.

It was a land-mark day for me because I walked in short spells (while Rob rested in the gofer) for a total of about 0.5 kilometre on my crutches, although I donโ€™t lean on them heavily any more.

It was a lovely morning:-)

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