Back to the Sea!!!!


View from Dusky Dolphin in Pig Trough as we enjoyed our drinks at the end of the day.

Yesterday was another mile-stone in the knee recovery journey. Not only did I walk all the way out the “Dusky Dolphin”, I also set up the cabin with our food and gear for overnight on the boat, got up to the bow for the first time since the first knee replacement in June, did the bow ropes when we left the pen (and dropped the boat hook overboard but the kind man on the boat opposite rescued it for me), with Rob got the boat here for the night, AND worked out how to get into our tiny bunk-room without hurting my knees (good thing I got a good bend in both knees!) so we could sleep together.

This morning the reward was being able to potter around the boat together while she was moored in this lovely place.

It’s a good weekend:-)

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