Good morning!


This morning was a good morning!

photoI walked around the front of Kings Park, above the river. The early morning sun slanted across the water, glinting on the waves. A yacht peeled away from the easterly, sailing down the river. Birds called, enjoying the cool. And that cool was luscious on my skin after the summer hot.

Best of all, I am gratefully enjoying sharing my mornings with all the beings who inhabit this park, like the lovely banksia I saw this morning (see photos) but most especially the trees! Thatโ€™s what I missed the most during my long rehab, just walking amongst all the beings, beneath the trees. OK I still use my trekking poles, but Iโ€™m managing 1-hour walks several times a week, so that refilling and healing that happens for me in the outdoors is catching up. At 1 point during my recovery, when I reached within to find some strength, the well was empty. Then I knew that the only thing to do was get outside, and thank heavens I had the gofer to do that!

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