Rob’s New Barbecue Table


For the first time for some years I actually paid MONEY for Rob’s barbecue table. No this latest one didn’t come from the side of the road, I bought it from Mum’s estate for Rob. It was made by Mum’s Swedish great-grand-father, the one who cleared the land at old Fernhem, next to Fairy Dell, and built the guest house there. Mum used to love spending time there, helping to entertain the constant stream of guests visiting from Melbourne for weekends or longer. One of the many innovative things that her great-grand-father made was these old tables – wash-stands for holding the huge bowls and matching china urns for hot water washes in the guest’s bedrooms. This one has been made from the base of a very old treadle sewing machine and a very nice slab of marble which before that used to be a table top by the look of it.

Rob’s very happy with his new barbecue area:-)

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