Morning Magic!


This morning was a truly magic morning!

As well as Rob and I starting the week with a full hour’s walk around Kings Park then breakfast @ Zamia, as we walked along the scarp over the river (me mostly NOT using my trekking poles – yay!) we were gifted with this group of 4 mallard ducks, pairing up in the “pickup tree”; a small pod of dolphins splashing in the river as they gathered fish to feed on, accompanied by lots of birds diving in to get the scraps; one of the ospreys flying by after fishing in the river, to land in the nest at the top of the pine tree; lots of bright spring flowers showing their pretty heads; fluffy and stringy white clouds in the early morning sky ahead of a cold front.

What a magic morning! I am SOOOOO grateful to be able to get out and enjoy it all again:-)

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