Bon Voyage, Neil:-)


Last weekend, Neil Armstrong died.

Rob and I will always remember his epic words “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” when he stepped onto the moon for the first time for all mankind. It was the day that we fell in love with each other, and ever since this breath-takingly beautiful image of earthrise, that beamed back to us from the Eagle on the moon that day, has always hovered above Rob and I in our shared pathway through life.

A dear friend of ours, whom we knew at the time of Neil’s big day, remembered Rob and I then: “Those were the days. The cool guy with his motorbike and leather jacket.

The cool chick with her long legs and long hair.

A cool couple – who could have guessed all those years ago.“

More about the big moon walk here:

Bon voyage, Neil:-)

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