Back to the Bush – PROPERLY!


Today was a blessed day.

Even as we drove to our bushwalk, we stopped the car when a red-tailed black cockatoo flashed across the road in front of us. We were rewarded with time with a pair of these wonderful birds taking care of their young’un, with his/her higher-pitched call.

We walked to Mt Dale Campsite to have lunch, where I captured Rob on camera as we both realised that, after 7 long years of life closing in on the outdoor times that we love to share, we can dare to dream and plan and DO outdoor times again, even overnighting on the Bibbulmun. At this moment a huge flock of red-tails flew by!!! I was wearing my NZ “the earth has music for ears that listen” tee-shirt.

And the wide-ranging view from the top of Mt Dale was breath-taking, even though I was still using trekking poles:-)

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