Tom’s first Baby Cino

Last night, to give Elwyn her last chance before returning to UK to see Tom go to bed and then give him his breakfast the next morning, we had Tom, Blaine, Tristan and Alythea over to our place for dinner with Rob and I, Elwyn and Jeanette. The growing family had had a bad night with Alythea the night before and were still getting over their nasty colds, so arrived needing a calming space, and Tom was definitely not his usual light-hearted self.

We crowded around our dining table, that had been in Rob’s family since he was born. It was good to be together:-) Over food and chat things settled. Then it was bath-time for Tom, which he always loves. Tristan put him to bed with Elwyn “in attendance”. Then he and Blaine took Alythea home, hoping for her to have a quiet night and allow them to sleep in because they wouldn’t have to get up early for Tom.

Tom slept all night, which was good ‘cos Elwyn slept in the next room – we were upstairs:-) When Rob left for work and I left for my walk just after 7am, they were both still sound asleep. When I got back Jeanette and Christopher had arrived and they were feeding Tom his toast and vegemite, and cereal. Elwyn and Tom do amazing things with a jar of vegemite (see “Breakfast with Yoda”).

Once everyone was cleaned up and dressed, Tom with Pa’s New Zealand Omarama cap on, we headed for the beach playground at Floreat that Elwyn had spotted some weeks ago and had been telling us about ever since as a great destination for Tom. With many hands to keep him safe Tom frolicked and giggled on the slides, climbing frames, etc. At one point he came flying down a slide and did a face plant into the soft white sand that formed the base of the playgound. We picked him up and between chuckles he was spitting out the sand. A quick mouth wash at the drink fountain and he was off again! Next it was shoes and trousers off and a walk along the beach in the sparkling sunlight. What a lovely sight it was – Jeanette and Elwyn held him safe, each hand in one of theirs, as he walked along in the sand, the sea kissing his feet as the waves lapped up to him.

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We finished with morning tea at the cafe there where he gorged himself on fruit, toast and enjoyed his first “baby cino” – frothy milk with a sprinkling of chocolate in a tiny coffee cup, which Jeanette taught him how to hold ever so politely.

Then it was home to get cleaned up and be presentable for his adoring Dad to collect him and take hime home. All too soon Tristan bounced in the door with shades of his usual cheeky grin (we never have to wonder where Tom got his!) because Alythea had had a very good night’s sleep and had allowed them to sleep in as well. With Tom now back to his usual generous, light-hearted self they left, a very happy couple.

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