Elwyn, lovely Elwyn

Elwyn has been staying with us for almost 6 weeks.  She’s so lovely to have around that it’s always a joy when she comes back to her old bedroom for a while.

She’s shared much time with Jeanette, including a great sail on Father’s Day. She and Christopher have spent much time on “geek” things with their laptops going full pelt. When we had Tom to stay for the week after Alythea was born she had some good laughs with Tristan as well as getting to know Tom really well. She and Rob have shared sport in their usual style – they will be sitting/lying on the couches in the family room, one of them making an occasional comment to which the other may or may not respond, but both of them utterly focussed on whatever sport is being broadcast on TV. She’s caught up with Granny (my Mum), which Granny has loved. She and I have shared much with all the goings on we’ve had around the web site developments and the family developments. She’s had time with friends that she’ll treasure when she’s so far away in her home in UK…

We’ve all had to accept that UK is where her home is for now, just as we did for Jeanette and Christopher.

So when we wished Elwyn “Farewell” today, we knew in our hearts that for now, when she visits us, it is just that – a visit. When she returns to UK, it is going home…

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