Dusky Dolphin Healing

By last weekend Rob had come down with this horrid ‘flu, although without attendant bacterial infections thanks heavens! When he found out that he had Monday off we decided to spend Sunday and Monday on Dusky Dolphin, somewhere…

Maybe she knows where we need to go for some healing time. Whatever, we had a very gentle motor across an unusually glassy Cockburn Sound to Pig Trough on Garden Island – always a very favourite place:-) A quiet row ashore. Quiet walk along the shore, with the gulls, terns, cormorants, oyster catchers and migratory plovers to the NE corner where an osprey sat on its nest. Then an amble round to the NW corner to gaze across to Rottnest. Back to the boat and quiet reading. Quiet sunset, then new moonset followed by setting planets including Jupiter. Stars galore and the Milky Way. And the water was so quiet that night we hardly knew we were on the boat!

Sleep in. Quiet breakfast. Quiet read. Quiet walk around to Herring Bay on the west coast of the island. Quiet walk along the shore there, then back to our dinghy. Quiet lunch.

With all this “quiet” we moved into a slowness that healed, finished off with a slow sail back after lunch, with just enough wind to ghost over the flat water.

It was a bit of a shock to get back on the road again but we did feel a lot better, thanks to Dusky Dolphin.

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