So many Playgrounds, so little Time…

We had Tom for the day on Thursday. Blaine needed a break from 2 kids, so Rob picked up Tom around 10am from his place and took him to the revamped playground at Kings Park. I stayed at home, catching up with admin and working with the accountant to get our end-of-year processing finished. Tom led Rob a merry dance on the “bigger children’s” play gym thingy, Tom going at his usual typhoon pace and Rob running to keep up and keep Tom safe. At one stage Tom ran through a low opening and Rob followed, bashing his head on the overhead railing in the process! Tom was OK though:-) Then Rob spied a separate play gym for smaller children. That meant that Tom could roam freely under supervision, rather than Rob having to run after him.

They got back to our place around 12noon, ready for lunch and a rest! I was juggling faxing papers to the accountant, watching Tom and then feeding him. Mercifully for us all Tom settled for a long sleep about 1pm, after a really good feed.

Rob went off to do the shopping and I got back to working with the accountant.

By 3:30 Tom was awake, but quieter than he had been in the morning. Rob and I took turns to spend time with him as he did his usual wander/explore round the house. Then it was into the pram and I took him round to the shops for some bits and pieces, then to our local playground by Shenton Park Lake. He knows this one well. After running back and forth between the play gyms, and climbing on each one with me holding at least one of his hands ALL the time, then running after the ducks, he gratefully accepted my hug and let me put him back in his pram for the journey home, as he clutched his yellow nasturtium from a nearby lawn.

5:45 and dinner was too far away, although a chicken was roasting in the webber by then. Tom spied a loaf of Pa’s (Rob’s) bread on the kitchen bench and demanded food NOW! So it was into the high chair and out with the vegemite for a good snack.

Tristan, Blaine and Alythea arrived around 6:15, Blaine looking better for a quieter day which had included some sleep, and we had dinner on the table shortly afterwards! Tom tucked in with the rest of us while Alythea slept, and did his best to join in the chat. It was good to have some time to talk with Tristan and Blaine. They are such devoted parents yet keep some energy for their own lives too. A good balance, although lacking in sleep at the moment.

We said farewell to them all before 8pm, then sank into our couch in the family room, glasses of red wine in hand.

It had been a busy day…

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