24 hours with Tom

In an effort to help Tris and Blaine get back on their feet after all the stress and lack of sleep, we offered to have Tom for the day AND night.

Rob duly picked him up in the morning, and met Jeanette at a new playground he had spotted on his may to Mercy Hospital recently. They had a great time, and Rob didn’t bash his head this time. Jeanette took Tom back to her place for lunch and a sleep, then on to our place for the afternoon and night. Tom was very happy, and Jeanette was now more comfortable with looking after him.

I took Tom round to the shops for some odds and ends, past the house where he always picks an orange nasturtium, then on to the playground. He was off and running! “Ducks,”  he called as he raced down the hill to greet them. Up and down slides, peek-a-boo on the play gym, back and forth between the 2 playgrounds – he was very busy, and I was busy keeping him safe. When his pace slowed I popped him in his pusher with a snack for the journey home. He was quiet now.

He ate a huge dinner, then sat on a chair in our family room with a book as Jeanette, Rob and I enjoyed our end-of-day chat and drink while his bath filled. Tom loves choosing his toys that will share his bath. That done it was in and splashing for him and Jeanette!

Rob read aloud while Jeanette nursed Tom as he had his bottle. While I got dinner I turned on the baby monitor to eavesdrop on Rob reading. He used to love reading to our children when they were young, and he has the same lovely style with Tom:-) Then it was sleep time for the little man.

Tom woke about 11, but settled as soon as I gave him a hug.

He was awake at 6:30 when we were. As I’d promised Rob the night before, I changed Tom’s dirty nappy before racing off to a breakfast meeting. Rob gave him his breakfast then took him to Kings Park for a play and eat. When I got back I was told that Tom had eaten half of Rob’s croissant – not good for Rob, but good for Tom:-( Then it was home time.

As I waved to Rob and Tom I reflected that I would miss seeing so much of him, but was so happy for his family that things were settling finally. And perhaps soon I would get to know Alythea…

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