With Friends

Tonight we shared Frank Daly’s 70th birthday party at the Weld Club.

We got to know Frank and Lucinda as fellow cruisers at the Fremantle Sailing Club. When he was Commodore I spent time with him as a fellow board member. Then he introduced me to Rotary when he was President of the Perth club.

So there are lots of connections!

So last night Rob and I arrived in suitable “glad rags”, and discovered a sort of outpost of the Fremantle Sailing Club! Plus Frank and Lucinda’s family who had flown in from around the world. It was a joyous occasion, especially so because Frank treats everyone with the same courteous respect.

Rob and I felt incredibly privileged to share this very special occasion with his family, some of whom had flown in from round the world, and friends at his private club. Although Rob usually shuns occasions where he may not know people, this time we knew that many of our cruising friends would be there. They were; it was sort of like being at the sailing club.

Frank has a special way of making people feel welcome and at ease. And Lucinda is always at his side, welcoming everyone in her warm, friendly style.

It was a lovely occasion.

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