Meeting up

Today Rob and I enjoyed a lovely long Saturday walk in Kings Park – a great way to spend a Saturday morning after a busy working week. Towards the end Rob went on ahead – he powers up hill faster than I!

As I came towards the top of the hill I looked to expecting to see Rob waiting for me where he usually does. He wasn’t there. Strange…Then I noticed someone wearing a back pack like Rob’s (we walk with our bush-walking packs) carrying a baby and walking next to someone else…

It was Tristan! And Rob was carrying Tom! What a lovely smile from Tom as I reached out to give him a hug:-)

So of course we met up at Zamia Cafe for brunch. And this was the first time Tris has seen Tom enjoyed a baby cino. The Tristan we know and love was back. The terse, pale face of last Saturday was gone. He was entranced with the cino and took a photo on his phone of Tom’s face and its circle of white froth. Tom must have been having a growth spurt because he ate everything he could get his hands on, between sips of his baby cino. It was a good gathering.

Then back to our place for Tris to pick up a ladder, by which time Tom was totally confused about where he was going! However he gave us a big wave with his very elegant style as he and Tris took off back to their home.

A lovely start to the weekend:-)

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