Family Time

Our family is away this week – Jeanette and Christopher are holidaying in our south west; Elwyn and her boss are in India checking out some technologies for their work in London; Tristan, Blaine, Tom and Alythea are in New Zealand for a long-planned holiday (including some snow for Tom to throw as snow balls, hopefully).

Last week we made the most of everyone being in town, sharing fish and chips for tea on the foreshore at Matilda Bay with them all and my mother, then Rob and I babysitting Tom and Thea while Tris and Blaine had some much-needed time together before coming back for the night to our place. After breakfast on Saturday morning at our favourite cafe in Kings Park, Tris and Blaine took their children home to prepare for the birthday party that night – Tris’s 27th and Tom’s 2nd.

The party began with Rob and I, Jeanette and Christopher, Penny and Jo (Blaine’s parents), Peggy (Blaine’s grandmother), Nick and Dale (Blaines uncle and aunt), Taree and Zac (Blaine’s cousins) joining Tris, Blaine, Tom and Thea at the local park for a game of cricket. The rules were made up as we went along, especially when Tris hit the ball into the lake! Mostly the fun was interacting – a great way to meld the families:-) Then it was back to Tris and Blaine’s place for tea and birthday cake. Although we tried to include Elwyn via Jeanette’s laptop and the internet, the connection was flaky. So Rob and I left and headed back to our place where we were able to have a good chat with Elly – she showed us the dress she’s bought for the wedding party the following weekend, and chatted about her plans for India (one of her very favourite places).

And tonight they’ve all flown the coup!

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