We are so blessed to live here, where our walks are so filled with wild gifts:-)

Last week, on Thursday morning in Kings Park, we heard a flock of rainbow bee-eaters. Somehow, during their annual gathering around Perth as they feed up before flying north to Asia for the winter, they call their bell-like calls as they fly and catch insects! Rob and I always respond to their calls, their shimmering little green bodies and bronze wings, with a joy, a happiness that rises from deep within.

On Sunday we were taking a rare cycle ride along the river and there was an even larger flock, ducking and diving in the air with the agility of dolphins in the water. And they were calling that same happy call that we’ve come to know so well. Soon they will be gone, and we won’t hear them again until next spring…

This morning, as we walked in Kings Park, I spied two large birds sitting on the top branches of a dead tree, gazing out across the river. They were too big to be crows or cockies – they were ospreys – Rob’s favourite birds (as well as sea eagles)! I touched him on the shoulder, gently so he wouldn’t make a noise, and pointed at the birds which we hadn’t seen for a couple of years in that spot. His response to them was the same as mine to albatrosses, especially wandering albatrosses – that intense happiness that eclipses all else.

What amazing wild gifts!

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