Last Tuesday was my sister Fiona’s 50th birthday – a real celebration that this incredible woman is coming into her own as a property owner and designer. And she’s been a good friend during my times of trials.

On Wednesday Mum and I had our usual lunch together, and as is becoming usual chatted about our forthcoming trip to Tasmania to see and stay in Fiona’s new house for a week. It will be good to spend some time as friends, because we spend a lot of our time together with me taking care of Mum (in tandem with the rest of our family!).

Last Friday I had lunch with Donna. We met when Elwyn and her son Keeley were at kindergarten, which makes our friendship about 26 years old! It was good to remember some of the fun and learning experiences we’ve shared. Donna is the most amazing person, the way she never, ever seeks victimhood, even when life is really, really tough for her.

That afternoon I called Aunty Judy for her birthday. Widowed twice now, these times can be lonely for her, and I wanted to let her know how important her friendship is to me and chat about my visit to her in September. She’s always the same, lovely person, through it all.

That evening we had Grant and Ann here for dinner, to celebrate Grant’s birthday the following Sunday. This is an extra special event because Sunday is also Tom’s (2nd) birthday!

Rob and I spent a quiet weekend together, going to see the movie “Miss Potter” and just being quiet, including seeing an exhibition on Antarctica with our bubbly Jeanette and thoughtful Christopher. It’s always good to spend time with my best friend, Rob, and what a joy to share time with our children as friends!

Elwyn called from London – she’s back from India. It’s so good to connect with her as a person rather than as a daughter, and what a person she is!

And this morning I had breakfast with Kerry. We met when we were studying a certificate in group leadership together in 2000, and have been friends ever since.

Friendship is the most special thing:-)

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