Cats DO Heal

Mum was on the phone today again. This time she’d heard on the radio that the Cat Haven was in deep trouble and needed a lot of money to keep going so they could keep saving stray cats’ lives. She’d decided that give them $10,000, and had called them to tell them. She needed to have a cheque arranged for them and as I normally did all her affairs she wanted me to organise the cheque. As she didn’t have a cheque account we’d have to go to the bank and get a bank cheque, and I couldn’t do that until tomorrow. So she called Helen and Helen kindly said she’d take her to the bank to organise the cheque.

Later Mum called again. She’d be in the paper next week, and their photographer would be at her place tomorrow to get a photo of her giving the cheque to the manager of the Cat Haven! Helen would be in attendance.

I’ve got to hand it to Mum – when she’s decided what she’s going to do she certainly does it! And giving seems to be helping her get over her angst from her heart attack:-)

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