Tristan and Elwyn

Tristan has been on a big trip. He’s been to the US to present at a geophysics conference, and then hopped across the Atlantic, as you do, to stay with Elwyn for a few days. She’d just moved into her new flat that she’s bought in Fleet (her first property that she’s actually owned), so Tristan helped with the settling in, including assembling Ikea furniture.

They visited some of Elly’s favourite places too, like Stonehenge where they were blessed with a rainbow:-) It was a good bonding time for them.

It was Tristan’s first time in US and UK, and he loved it, right down to seeing the Star Wars exhibition in Philadelphia! But he missed his little family, and even though he spoke to them on skype most days, and read to Tom and Thea if it was their bed-time, he was really glad to see them again when he returned to Perth.

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