By Car and Boat and…

Staying with my sister Fiona in Tasmania, we crossed the D’Entrecasteaux Channel one day in our hire care in the ferry. The most exciting part of the trip was being next to a station wagon loaded high with manure!

But Bruny Island is a very special place, and we enjoyed a good wander, plus a jet boat ride down to the south-east tip of the island where there are lots of fur seals, kelp and rich sea life.

One day we will get there in our own yacht…

We made the first step towards this dream a few days later when we bought a boat mooring in Copper Alley bay, just near my sister’s place! Now we just need a boat to hang off the mooring, and since my knees went and we know that we won’t be sailing Dusky Dolphin over the Bight…

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