Rob’s Birthday

We celebrated Rob’s birthday last Sunday, although his actual birthday was not until today.

Elwyn and I had an idea some time ago for something that he could share with the family (and possibly friends) that would just be fun – a Wii with the new Tiger Woods golf game. So after we came back from the UK in early October I spoke to Elwyn and Jeanette about it. If I bought it, Jeanette offered to hide it at her place for “road testing”. So the day after someone ran into the back of their car, and they were house-bound, I arrived at Jeanette and Christopher’s with the Wii, the game, and other bits and pieces – good thing to take their minds off the trashed car!

In the meantime, I had to remember not to tell Rob, so he’d get a surprise. Hard work!

So last Sunday we all arrived at Jeanette and Christopher’s for a birthday morning tea. After chat, morning tea and little birthday cakes, Christopher gave Rob one of the games in its box, which confused him, then Jeanette led him around to where the Wii was set up, and got him playing the game. Of course Tom helped, and then Tristan. It was good to see them just relax:-)

On Rob’s birthday today, Blaine, Tom and Thea came for the night because Tristan was away with work. So when Rob came home from work, Tom very beautifully said “Happy Birthday, Pa”. That made Rob’s day.

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