40 Year Reunion

Today was the 40 year reunion of my class at high school. I haven’t been to many reunions, but felt called to this one.

The reasons worked out to be:

1. I caught up with 2 ladies with whom I’d been good friends. Why we lost contact with each other I don’t know, but they are lovely company and we’ll keep in touch.

  1. 2.At times I stood back and listened to to group of them, and wondered why I’d never before realised what a delightful group of people they were…

  2. 3.The class “bully” was there, who had given me (or had I chosen that?) so much grief when I was at school. Now a sad lady, mourning the loss of her younger sister who died from cancer last year, she is very angry and alone. When she told me about the loss of her sister my heart ached for her because she was still in deep grief. I reached out and touched her arm, looked her gently in the eyes, and said “I’m so sorry, D…”. For the first time ever she looked me in the eyes, let go the angry mask she keeps for the world, and said “Thank you”.
    And the spell was broken.

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