Missing Yoga

This morning I’m missing my weekly yoga class, because it’s the only time that Rob and I can give up a half day to spend at the bank at the same time, setting up our new super fund accounts!

It’s strange getting back to yoga. I did it for a while about 40 years ago, but was not ready for it then. Once I took myself off the remedial list for my knees and thigh muscles in January, I started working out what would be a good ongoing regime for my best health. I remembered yoga, and had a few one-on-one sessions to remember what it was all about. Now I can mostly keep up during the beginners’ classes and feel sooooo much better afterwards. So it was a tough decision to miss this mornings session, because we’ll be away next week for 3 weeks so I won’t be able to do a class until early May. Oh well, that’s the breaks.

So it’s just one session at the gym a week now, walking 4-5 times a week, and 1 pilates session that I get refunded from our health insurance. And pilates is really good for my balance and my understanding of what muscles really work in standing and sitting well. So that keeps the cost down and the synergy between gym, yoga and pilates works really well for me. It’s interesting the different levels of physical and spiritual that they touch, yoga being the most spiritual and gym the least, but somehow the blend is great. I’ll miss it while we sail but at least I now have enough practice at the 3 things to keep up some semblance of skill.

AND I can go away knowing that the new bank accounts will be working by the time we get back and we HAVE to do that ASAP!

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