Sunset @ Sea

Looks like an ordinary sunset, doesn’t it?

Rob and I are sailing Dusky Dolphin north from Fremantle to Jurien. We left Freo after lunch to day and expect to arrive in Jurien about lunch-time tomorrow. We’ll be sailing all night, and with only the two of us on board that means interrupted sleep.

Last time we tried to do this we got through the night OK but got the ropes from a cray pot tangled around our propellor and rudder at dawn so were disabled in one foul swoop. It was scary and we had to wait in increasingly rough seas, being washed offshore, until a cray boat came and cut us free about 9:30am.

This time we are determined to do better. I’ve steeled myself to do a long watch from about 11 or so for at least 4 hours so Rob can get some sleep. he takes a while to get to sleep so that will be the only block of time he will get for shut-eye.

Didn’t know it then but a sea-mist would come in around 3am, which made things a little more interesting that I wanted. But at least the full Easter moon helped to light the way:-)

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