Rotto Adventure!

Rob and Tris put their heads together this week to plan another of what Blaine calls “Campbell male adventures”! They didn’t know, though, what an adventure it would prove to be…

Saturday morning, VERY early, we all got up to be ready in time: Rob and I left home by 7:15 to be at the boat by 8am. I stayed on the boat and unpacked and stowed while Rob drove to the ferry terminal to buy tickets back from Rottnest for Tristan and his family. Then Tris arrived in his “new” 2001 “truck” (a Jackaroo 4X4). They transferred all the people, food and day’s things to Rob’s little Astra and drove back to the sailing club. They all arrived at Dusky Dolphin around 9am just as I finished getting everything ready for them! Drink and food, plus seasickness tablets for Blaine then we untied the moorings by 9:30am as planned.

Wind was more than forecast as usual so it was bumpier than planned so poor Blaine suffered with her cold as well. In the picture she’s on Tristan’s left, curled up in the sun. Thea went off after an hour or so, so we gave her some drugs too and she picked up again. We knew she felt better when she started to burble once more:-) Once we were in the lee of Rotto the water was much flatter and everyone started thinking about lunch:-)

Which we had before noon – a good spread. Then Tristan, Blaine and Thea disappeared into our bunkroom for a sleep, and Tom settled into his own little bunk for a rest. Rob and I cleaned up, did the dishes and got the dinghy into the water with all its bits and pieces.

2:15 and Rob set off with the first load of people for the shore. By 2:35 we were all lined up at the bus-stop, and the round-Rotto bus came soon after. We all had a good trip right around the island, pointing out bays, osprey nests and other things that Rob and I really enjoy about this very special place.

Back at the settlement we enjoyed afternoon tea, then waved good-bye to TBTA as they set off on the ferry back to Fremantle. They planned to get into Tris’s truck in the ferry carpark once they got there and go home. Rob and I walked back to Porpoise Bay and dinghied out to our boat (about an hour). However we got a call from Tris some time later asking if we’d seen his car keys…we looked high and low and couldn’t find them. So they took the train from Fremantle to our place, got Rob’s car keys and mine, drove my car back to the sailing club, found Tristan’s truck keys in Rob’s car, drove to the ferry terminal and finally got into the truck, drove the truck AND my car back to our place, left my car there, and drove back to their place picking up take-away dinner on the way!

Now Tom loves outings where he goes on a number of buses/cars/whatever, but that certainly beat anything he’s done in one day before!

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