Nancy Cove

We slept in after our adventures yesterday, and woke looking forward to a quiet day.

So it was quiet breakfast and reading in the cockpit, quiet motor around to Nancy Cove, quiet walk towards the West End with ospreys hunting and calling, quiet lunch back on Dusky Dolphin, quiet walk towards the settlement where we found a track we hadn’t been on before. The picture shows the swallows that settled on the lifelines.

Then the wind started to pick up and the waves into the bay started to pick up and thunderclouds reared their huge heads. Then we could see much lightening out to the west. After some deliberation we set off for the mainland about 5:15 which left us 45-60 minutes of daylight before dark set in. Someone watched over us because we didn’t pick up any craypots on the prop, didn’t get hit by lightening, and wove in the dark between the many ships at anchor on Gage Roads without mishap, arriving back at our our pen at 8:30pm. Got dinner, tidied up and went to bed.

Adventures 2 days in a row is very tiring!

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