The Pick-up Tree

On this second day of winter Rob and I enjoyed an early morning walk in Kings Park.

As well as the black cockatoos, pink and grey galahs, twenty eights, rainbow lorikeets, butcher birds, magpies, magpie larks and honey-eaters, several pairs of the big, elegant mallard ducks flew and wheeled in pairs above us as we walked.

Towards the end of the sand track two pairs landed awkwardly in the dead tree, as they do every year. And as they do this, I always remark to Rob how important these dead trees are to these birds’ mating ritual.

And on cue, one pair began an elaborate performance of head bobbing and calling  as they stood side-by-side on the branch – part of the cementing of their connection before they mate.

“It’s a pick-up tree!” exclaimed Rob, master of the one-liner:-)

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