Yesterday and today I flew to England via Dubai. After all the trials of getting things in place before I left Perth, although it was hard to say goodbye to Rob it was a relief to get on the plane at last. My companions were a thoughtful English couple who slept most of the way so I could too. From Dubai to London on the fairly new Airbus 380 plane my companions were 2 delightful ladies who, once we’d had all the sleep we were going to get, started a very friendly conversation which I enjoyed immensely. After all the pain of my family of origin the past few weeks this was a much appreciated gift.

And at Heathrow, after some waiting, there was dear Elly with tears in her eyes as we had a BIG hug:-)

That evening we sat together on the deck of the lovely pub around the corner from her flat, enjoying a drink, sharing chatter and a seafood platter, and watched the young Canadian geese swim across the lake – it was quite delightfully surreal!

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