Before heading off to find stones at Avesbury, Elly and I had a delightful iChat with Rob, Blaine, Thea and Tom then went to the Fleet Pond Society tea party and fete around the corner from her flat. She’s never been to a tea party before, and enjoyed meeting the local people who keep Fleet Pond and all its wildlife safe from developers. We sat in the garden of a lovely home of one of the members, that’s right next to the pond. The Society is a fierce protector of the pond and all the flora and fauna that live here.

Later we walked right around the huge stone circle that encircles Avesbury, enjoyed another cuppa, bought a book on the ley lines of this whole area, stood by the huge energy centre that is Silbury Hill (the largest man-made hill that’s a memorial and a burial site since 4,000BC), explored inside the West Kennet Long Barrow (a rock-based long, long mound that was a burial site from 5,000 to 4,000BC), then had a late dinner in Marlborough so that we could stay out in the long twilight and see Stonehenge at sunset followed by Woodhenge in the glooming and drizzle. The MOD uses this area for training…

Then it rained most of the way home.

A special day and very special to spend it with Elly:-)

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