Elly @ Cricket

The highlight today was watching Elwyn play cricket at Edmonton sport club. She’s reached what she wanted with this game, that she saw when she started 16 years ago – a cool, poised and very skilled and stylish batter; a lovely and caring member of a very friendly team; a wonderful role model for so many young women like Ravi in the opposing team who at 16 bears an uncanny resemblance to Elwyn’s style, grace and niceness.

This was truly a privilege for me to share, and I realised that it was important for Elwyn to have a loved one share this space that’s so much a part of who she is. Rob said via sms “Go slugger!” so was there in spirit too.

Back at her flat she was very tired, so lay on her couch while I cooked dinner for us, plus some meals for during the following week while I’ll be in Plymouth:-)

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