Cornwall Again

Yesterday, as I sat with Judy in her flat, talking of what we could do together in the few days I’m with her in Plymouth, I remembered the Wessex ley line map in the book that I bought Elly at Avesbury – the main line goes from NE to SW along Cornwall, through Glastonbury and ending at St Michael’s Mount off Penzance near Lands End. Judy loved it too so booked a hotel for Tuesday night and 24 hours later we’d spent most of the day driving there through villages with names like Lostwithiel, stopping for a delightful long lunch break at Fowey – see the yacht hiding behind the tree that’s behind Judy.

It was a magical. sparkly, warm day.

From Penzance we walked across the causeway (at low tide!) to St Michael’s Mount and Judy sat by the harbour while I explored. Lovely peaceful energy here:-)

Early dinner at the Godolphin Arms (what a name!) and early to bed!

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