Shopping with Elly

Elly and I went shopping this morning with a shopping list that was something like this: Food , Flange for light fitting (so she could replace the broken light shade in the spare room with a new one), fan (because it was an unseasonal 25-28 degrees C here), shower screen (because her old one was falling apart and very mouldy), pin-up board (so she could keep track of her paperwork), folding chairs (so I would have something to sit on for tomorrow’s cricket match and she and Robin will take them camping), possibly a dishwasher.

So we got it all, and Elly saw a dishwasher that was a VERY good buy. Here she is with it unpacked in her kitchen (with the able assistance of her friend Tricia)!

Note the bottle of Pims in the foreground – I got her that yesterday because it’s Wimbledon season and apparently you are supposed to have Pims, strawberries and cream which she and Tricia shared later on (over Wimbledon on TV of course).

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