Cricket & Friends & Tea

Today Elly and I battled through motorway standstills due to a horrid crash (see sign above) to get to Bath for her cricket match. We sat on a hill overlooking Bath with got a welcome breeze in the sultry heat.

Firstly I chatted with Hannah’s (fellow cricket player) delightful parents from Wales, and was duly shown the photos from Hannah’s recent marriage to Richard. Then my meeting with another Richard (L) was at 2pm. He came to the ground, where his daughter used to play cricket, and we spent a couple of hours chatting, sharing life stories and where we could work together on my leadership program.

Elly’s team got the opposition out for 81, then got their runs fairly quickly, ending with Elly not out for about 40. Then we went on the Bath Cricket Club and watched the men’s match there for a while before making our way home. Via Stonehenge which is recovering from the 39,000 people who camped around it for last week’s summer solstice! Nice to say goodbye with only a few people there:-)

Home to Elly’s for a late dinner and bed.

This is what Richard (L) emailed me later about Elwyn’s batting:

I have a very clear image of her whacking the ball in a way that was beautifully elegant.”

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