I’ve come down with a cold today. As I’ve got the 24 trip back to Perth tomorrow and Wednesday, I decided that going into the London for the planned workshop was NOT a good idea. So stayed at Elly’s and was very quiet. Finished off some writing, and had a slow walk on the shady track around Fleet Pond. It’s been good getting to know the area where Elly lives, especially Fleet Pond. So many creatures – squirrels, Canadian geese who migrate here to mate and make babies for the summer (see pictures), the resident heron (after whom the local very nice pub is named – see picture), terns which also migrate here, swans (white! – see picture), coots, and many other birds which I don’t know, the local dogs being walked, the resident trout or pike in the stream…

It was nice to have the time to say farewell, this morning, tonight when Elly and I walked around the lake again while the roast was cooking, and I’ll go around the other way tomorrow in preparation for my plane flights.

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