Back Home:-)

On 22nd October we moved back home from Floreat. Our home is now bright and sparkling and new and clean, so as we unpack the boxes I just have to clean each item before placing it where it feels it now belongs. For many things they don’t belong any more and have been repacked and sent to the white elephant stall at Tom’s school fete later this month.

But I was surprised how I was drawn to our usual walks once more, always seeing how the non-human life was going! This owl is a mother we have seen for 2 years now. She is in the final stages of sitting over her chick, as it will fledge soon. Last week we were gifted with a “fly-past” of 2 ospreys! Mother and young flew past, the young calling and the mother occasionally urging as she taught it to fly well and true. No more sightings so their nest in the pine tree is already falling into disrepair.

And we have already heard the mopoke owl, who lives in the trees by the lake, calling in the cool of the night. We had one living around the garden of our rental house which we really enjoyed – – touch of home at least:-)

Life is good, back home.

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