Roscommon Revisited

This morning I felt that I had enough energy (since our move back to home) to go for a good walk AND go to the gym! So it was back west to the walk that I so enjoyed when we were staying at the rental house in Floreat. I parked outside the house, walked further west up the 2-hill climb to the water tower (where I saw the pair of pink and grey galahs accompanied by the calls of many rainbow-bee-eaters), south then east up to Reabold Hill, west out to the lookout across the sea to Rottnest (where I took the vista pic), back east to Tullow Road (where I saw the hawk) and up to Roscommon Hill from the east so I walked over the 2 Roscommon peaks. After standing on the west peak, where I had seen so many days end, it was back to the car and then to the gym.

It was good to go back and be grateful for our time there:-)

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