Sailing, Sailing…

You can’t hear the hiss of the hull as our yacht, Dusky Dolphin, powers through the waves, driven by her sails. You can smell the salty tang in the air. You can’t bask in the warm sun on your skin.

But you can imagine that’s what we enjoyed during our overnight trip to Rotto and back this weekend.

Sailed by a mother and calf humpback whale just near Rottnest!

Enjoyed the terns in Stark Bay doing their mating dances in the sky.

Savoured the ospreys swoops and calls around the bay and headlands.

Shared company with fellow cruisers who were also there.

Slept soundly, rocked gently by the swells.

Rob got lots of photos so I just had to take one of him taking yet another photo.

It was a good weekend!

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