Family Times


When I sat down at my desk this morning, after we’d seen the family off, I found this – Thea had been showing off her writing skills.

Last night we’d gathered for dinner, Tristan and Blaine, Tom and Thea, Jeanette and Christopher. Tristan has been quite sick, a return of his asthma that he’s had on and off since he was a baby. And we’ve all been worried about him. So to celebrate his move to a healthier life style, and to see him and his lovely little family off to their holiday in Thailand, we had a great noisy meal together, and chatty evening, and a playful breakfast at Zamia this morning followed by time in the playground.

It was one of those times, of which we are blessed with many in our family (I’m thinking of my year just past when they all gathered around me in my illness), when we gather to give extra love to one of our own. As I learn more about how my Dad’s family worked, we have made a fair reproduction of this pattern which Dad enjoyed.

Life is good:-)

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