Garden Visitors


Today we have been blessed with many visitors to our garden. The red-tailed and white-tailed black cockatoos have been through and eaten from the flowers in our big trees. The family of butcher birds, which has taken almost 2 years to rebuild after we lost so many birds in the hail storm of March 2010, brought their 2 young’uns to have a feed and drink in our garden. As I sat at my desk I spied one of youngsters alight on the bird bath. It was drinking until a wasp came to drink too. The wasp freaked it, and it watched the insect closely for a little while, then flew off. A “28 parrot”, a rare visitor to the bird bath, came to drink too after the others had left. Yesterday a magpie lark came to drink here. It was going well until one of the resident wattle birds decided that it wasn’t allowed in the bird bath and chased it away!

It’s a hot day here and it’s good to be giving our precious birds food and drink as they need it:-)

photo_1 photo

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