It’s Elwyn!!!

Tomorrow Elwyn is due to arrive from UK for a 4 month stay. Her room is ready, her bed is made. It will be the first time she’s been here since the cats died, and I hope she won’t find that too sad.

And now we are relaxing in the family room.

We hear the key in the front door lock and the door open- perhaps it’s Blaine and the children…

We hear footsteps on the wooden floor…

And…Elwyn peeps around the corner!

With that cheeky grin on her face that she saves when she does something particularly tricky.

The Jeanette laughs from behind her.

And Christopher appears with a wide grin.

Elwyn tricked us with saying where she was over the past few days when we spoke to her on the phone, and Jeanette and Christopher picked her up from the airport in secret today.

What a wonderful surprise…and LOTS of hugs:-)

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