Mum’s Heart Attack

I should have seen it coming…

Yesterday Mum was on the phone worrying how she was going to store the double grocery order that was coming today. She was in quite a state. I did my best to calm her down, then she remembered that Gordon’s fridge was still in the basement, from when he lived there. She could store the overflow there. Lisa the nurse was coming later in the day so she could help Mum get the fridge ready.

Good. She calmed down then.

Later yesterday she called in another panic – Gordon’s fridge was full of rotten food so she couldn’t use that! I told her to call me when the order came and I’d go down to her place and bring the overflow back and store it in my fridge.

She calmed down again.

This morning she called in a frightful state. She’d had pain in her neck and arm during the night, and this morning the people at the back of her had blocked the drive – well their workmen had – and so the food order could not be delivered. She was so short of breath that it took a long time to get all this from her.

I knew she was having or had had a heart attack! I told her I’d be there soon. Then I called St John’s Ambulance and they said they’d be there straight away. By the time I got there the 2 ambulance men had arrived and had Mum sitting in a chair with ECG leads stuck to her chest. The men never did get a straight story from Mum and she refused to go to hospital even though they really wanted her to. So they left in anger.

And I tried to calm Mum down.

After lots of talking she was calm. She’d looked at death and decided to stick by her goal of “only leaving this house in a box”. She wanted to be left alone for a while to recover in her own time. I respected that and left after having her repeat several times to me that she’d call as soon as the food order arrived and I’d come and help her sort it, and take the overflow back to my place.

It’s funny when she has these serious turns. I shut off my own feelings and just deal with hers. Mine come out to be dealt with later…

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